High-end sustainable fashion label | Helder Antwerp
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About us

high-end sustainable fashion label

Helder Antwerp was founded in 2016 by Ramona Stoica. Brought to life to close the gap between fashion and respect for people and planet. We’re no saints but we are trying to make a difference by our small but significant collection, usage of biological or upcycled fabrics and a fair production. Our pieces are designed for a range of ages, shapes, and sizes. You’ll love adding the versatile pieces to your wardrobe, because they are both unique and functional and can be mixed and matched easily.

Collection • SS19

SS19 collection

For the SS19 collection, we found inspiration in menswear from the 50’s, adding it with a feminine touch

Surprising colour combinations and our own romantic prints make the collection elegant and unique

Midnight Gardens • 2018

MG18 collection


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